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The Odyssey was a monumentally long and perilous road trip undertaken by the Swiss monarch Intravenous IV, usually nicknamed Odysseus or just Odie. His trip took him across all nine continents and two oceans; he met numerous monsters and politicians along the way. It was written by the poet Homer Simpson, author of the Illiad and the Iraqi Constitution.

Trojan War[edit]

Not to be mistaken with the Trojan War, the Torjan War was a one-day affair that resulted from the theft of the Swiss peasant Torja. No one was killed during this war, and indeed there was no fighting at all; however, it prodded Odysseus to embark on his quest to find Torja, and in his memoir One Two Three IV, Odysseus counts it as the official beginning of his travels.

Historians later determined that the Torjan War was a complete fabrication on the part of Odie, and that he probably just wanted an excuse to go cross-country to find hot girls.