Pacific Ocean

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The Pacific Ocean. A sea. Rumored to be the home of the fabled sunken city of Atlantis. Home of the mysterious Pacific triangle were boats and Oscar Wilde's wallet disappear regularly. It is the only Ocean that turns yellow and green at night. It is what cheap schools use to fill their water fountains.

It is also where the magical Michael O'kennedy pees his pants and that is how I was born.

The Pacific Ocean is a large body of salt water with islands, underwater volcanoes and rampant wild dogs swimming in it. It averages 4 miles deep and is thousands of miles wide. Do you all have any idea how much frigging water that is? It's 187 quintillion gallons, which means if a person drank three 12-ounce glass of Pacific Ocean water every day, they would probably die of salt water poisoning within a few hours, by the way, there is Bermuda Triangle.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean during the months of April through September due to the Monsoon season and menstruation.

Specific Ocean[edit]

The Pacific Ocean should not be confused with the Specific Ocean.

It contains about 10 million trillion bazillion islands, although most are found in the Great Barrier Reef.

It is a tidal ocean, so it gets your whites white, and keeps your colors bright!

Waves can reach 10 miles in height.

The ocean was discovered and named by Starfleet explorer and Captain James T. Kirk in 2263 who attempted to have sex with it, but nearly drowned.