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Parliaments exist in many different countries; however, the most widely known is found in the United Kingdom. Parliaments usually compromise of a herd of monkeys and gorillas ( except in France where they are called Guerillas and also in alternative land where they are known as gorillaz ). These 'herd' is responisble for making extremly important decisions relating to the running of a country or region.

Parliament Structure[edit]

Alpha Male/Postion[edit]

Parliaments can have a range of structures. The most common is a number of different herds ( or parties ) competing for the Alpha position of the parliament. Each herd ( or party ) has an Alpha Male, who is known to the public as the party leader. If this Males herd wins for the Alpha parliament postion he will gain the title of Prime Minister.


There are also a large number of large Gorillas ( or in France, Guerillas ) who sit at the back of parliament and are known as 'back-benchers'. These large Gorillas are normally the oldest and least wisest of the whole party. There are also large numbers of them, which means if they work together they can stop any changes the Alpha Male wishes to make.


As well as these large Gorillas there are a number of younger Monkeys. These Monkeys normally contribute to Parliament sessions the most by making grunting or hooting noises in and attempt to taunt the other herds and impress their own.

Parliament Elections[edit]

Election vs. Erection[edit]

The Parlimentary Election is a very long but simple process. The Parlimentray Election should not be confused with the Parlimentray Erection, which only occurs when an extremly boring session of parliament is in progress. A Parlimentray Election occurs once every 3-4 years and ( whereas a Parlimentray Erection can occur once every 3-4 minutes ).

Election Process[edit]

The process takes approximatly 4 months, the Alpha Male from each herd travels across the country or region trying to convince the she'ple that their herd are the best(combination of sheep and people, she'ple follow each other and do as they are told). The she'ple select which party they want by posting a piece of white paper with a tick on into a large black, locked box.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Since its foundation in 1956 by George Clinton, the following members have been elected to Parliament:

Bernie Worrell

Eddie Hazel

Maceo Parker

Walter "Junie" Morrison

Bootsy Collins

Jerome Brailey

Gary "Muddbone" Cooper

Raymond Davis

Ron Ford

Ramon Tiki Fulwood

Rick Gardner

Glen Goins

Michael Hampton

Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins

Tyrone Lampkin

Cordell Mosson

Lucius Tawl Ross

Garry Shider

Dawn Silva

Calvin Simon

Grady Thomas

Greg Thomas

Jeanette "Baby" Washington

Fred Wesley

Debbie Wright

Shirley Hayden

Billy "Bass" Nelson

Larry Heckstall

Robert "P-Nut" Johnson

Prakash John


The Parliament is celebrated yearly on the Bonfire night. This night marks the rememberance of Guy Fawkes, the only man ever to enter a parliament with an honest intension.