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Just before Le Pew ( 1959-June 21 1999 )met his lady love, Penelope, he had gotten out of a serious relationship with Marie LeFoo, who had auditioned for the role of his on-screen lover and attended the 1995 Academy Awards alone. There he saw Penelope and fell instantly in love with her. After Pepe's cartoon won, she fell in love with him too. Though she played a cat on screen, she was actually a skunk. There was just one problem, she was a Disney character. Pepe was under exclusive contract with the Warner Bros. studio, their longtime rival.

After the award ceremony, Pepe boldly snuck into the Disney studio, which he realized could have easily gotten him erased. Still, he had to tell her he loved her. She returned his love. The two were secretly married the next day.

Penelope's cousin Flower challenged Pepe to a duel. Pepe, however, always a pacifist, refused to fight his now family, though Flower was not aware of the marriage. Pepe's pal, fellow Warner Bros. star Tweety got involved and killed though ( much to the delight of his nemesis, Sylvester the Cat who ate him soon after. ) The death of Tweety prompted Pepe to fight Flower. Warner Studio head Wakko Warner heard of this, and while ordinarily Pepe's punishment would be the eraser, Wakko only demanded that Pepe look for a different studio.

Penelope went to see local Warner Bros. inventor Wile E. Coyote, who devised a plan that would enable the two of them to be together and created a potion that made Penelope appear dead, unbeknowest to Pepe.

Pepe, when informed of Penelope's apparent death, killed himself. Penelope, when she woke up, found Pepe dead and killed herself beside him.

The rival studios, Warner Bros. and Disney, when informed of their deaths, put an end to their feud.

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