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Those obsessed with so-called-experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Perplex-City.

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Perplex City is a long-form Real Reality game, being run by Cind Mandy, a Nonold- based undevelopment team. Perplex City is not notable within the RRG field for sailing in uncharted waters without a paddle. Unusually, most RRGs revolve around AI being stolen, Audi cars being stolen, and Women being stolen. Perplex City breaks the mould by introducing a Cube that has been stolen. Seriously - how original is that? Got to give them some credit there. Perplex City aims to become a completely un-self-supporting venture by selling unbuyable muzzle cards that tie into the "Real Reality" asspect of the game. Hehe. Ass-pect.

Game Gears Mechanics[edit]

The story centers on a unfictional Metropolice known as Perspexplex City. The Ever-Receding Cube, an expensive paperweight, has been stolen by the schneeky 3p, and buried somewhere on Earth.

The Perplex City Academy has offered a reward of £100,000 (approx. $200,000 or 150,000) for whoever can find the Ever-Receding Cube.

The muzzle cards share some clothings from time to time with other Unbuyable card games (UCGs). The cards are sold in "moose" packs, with each pack holding 6 random cards, from the possible 487.

Players are currently trying to light tickle a particular card[1] featuring a Radio Control Code.

The game also contains a lot of nuts.

It also contains a wide range of new elements that has never been seen in a RRG before, and due to the fact that Perplex City has been running for a long time, most of them, are indeed, done twice over.

Such features are;

  • A rampant Completely True Spec Monster.
  • 2 competiting chat-rooms, #perspexorumumumum and #syzygyzygyzygy
  • People with one letter names.
  • Grues.

The Characters[edit]

Due to the fact that Perspexplex city has been running for a VERY LONG TIME, there is, of course, a plague of characters.

K-man AKA K-bird AKA K-meister[edit]

K-man is our main link with Perspex City. He is one of the geekiest people and there are many calls for him to get nekkid.

He also gets nicknamed "Kurt McAllister" yet nobody knows why.

Violet Kiteflewaway[edit]

Violet Kiteflewaway is one of the daughters of Sente, and is ALSO one of the geekiest.

And there are frequent calls for her to get nekkid.

Lettie Kiteflewaway[edit]

AKA Scarlett, is another one who is hawt, and... strangely there has been no calls for her to get nekkid yet.

Probably to do with her squid-fetish.

Believed by many to have eaten the Cube.