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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Pigland.
A resident of Pigland.

Pigland is within itself its own entity. It is neither city nor capital to any country nor does it have a capital. It does not co-exist on a plain with our earth, but on a plain slightly above the one that our Earth exists on.

In Pigland, pigs do not rule, but selflessly give their lives for the pleasure and joy that is eating ham, pork, bacon, spam, and other pig related meats for mankind. There you can not only enjoy the pig you eat, but also enjoy the beautiful landscape, of pigpens, mountains, and the ever so uncommon prostitute or hitch-hiker that manages to wander in, which is highly unlikely because wandering in is no easy feat.

Transportation to Pigland[edit]

You may think getting to Pigland is easily done. Well, it isn't. In fact it is quite difficult, and can usually only be done by the male of any species. Many times females are rejected through the portals, or are sacrificed by pigs once on the other side. One of the main ways of transportation to Pigland is by sucking yourself into a plastic bottle of some sort (water bottle, soda bottle) and quickly forcing yourself through the barrier of our dimensions, because within every plastic bottle there is a portal, but be careful, because many times if done incorrectly, you will be forced into wigland, or figland, neither of which are quite as interesting as Pigland.

Another way of transporting is to sit in a chair with demons in it. Demons have the ability to transport anyone, or anything between dimensions. Be careful though that you sit in a chair with CHAIR demons, and not a chair with another type of demons, like cheese demons, that could be from small piece of molding cheese lost within the chair - cheese demons are naturally evil and will most often purposefully send you to Wigland, Figland, or even worse, Jigland. There are really no other ways to get to Pigland unless you are able to unwrap the universe, which could ultimately lead to the end of the world...so don't try it.

Current Events[edit]

Recently, Pigland was over run by small aphid-like creatures called daphalids. The large population of daphalids caused an adverse reaction on the pig society due to the fact that the give off a gas with a rather pleasing odor. This odor, however, contains a hallucinogen which causes all pigs to appear as hamburgers to those affected by the gas. Thus the population of Pigland was rapidly decreasing, until Oprah ad Dr. Phil decided to take a trip to give away free schools to the pigs, and fixed the problem.