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Porky and his trademark ending of all the Looney Tunes.

Created in 1935 by Wakko Warner, in an effort to convince the public that the Warner Bros. Studio could not be taken seriously, a distraction from their true intentions against the Disney studio. He made his debut in the film "Four-Leaf Clover" in which he attempts to sing the famous ( off-color ) tunes in his stutter (which he created himself as part of his act.) This was considered a bomb at the box office. The character never would have been used again had not a gang of stutterers who loved the character "insi-s-si-demanded" they bring him back. A couple years later, thanks in part to the convincing of co-star Daffy Duck, Porky began a new career in adult cartoons. Though he made a total of one, it was here that he met his future wife, Petunia Pig. She became his costar in many Warner Bros. cartoons.

Essential work[edit]

"Daffy's Pig Hunt" - Longtime co-star Daffy Duck made his debut in this film as a hunter hunting Porky.

"The Case of the Non-Stuttering Pig" - Porky finds a long-lost relative ( or so he thinks ) that lacks the hereditary stutter.

"Porky in Tasmania" - Porky ventures to Tasmania to capture the last Tasmanian Devil

"Porky and the Lone Guy" - Porky fills in as the Lone Ranger's sidekick. A precursor to his later sidekick roles opposite Daffy Duck.

"G-G-God Bless America" - Elmer Fudd tries to help Porky recite the Pledge of Alliegance, but with both of their speech impediments, neither can understand what the other is saying.

"You Oughta Be in Picture" - Daffy traps Porky in a box containing various other dimensions, invented by Wile E. Coyote. The box becomes popular. In the end, Porky is freed and Daffy becomes trapped in the box. This cartoon led to the creation of the television.

"Pork Preview" - Porky tries his hand at directing a cartoon himself, starring Daffy Duck.

"Corny Concerto" - Porky is hired by Elmer Fudd, the host of the concert, to publicly execute Bugs Bunny. One of Porky's few appearances with Bugs. He actually despised the rabbit almost as much as Daffy.

"The Looney Tuner Crooner" - Oswald-nominated cartoon in which Porky hires Foghorn Leghorn to sing for his chickens.

"Baby Pain In the Neck" - When a human woman gives birth, she tells both Porky and Daffy that they are the father.

"The Sunduck Kid" - Porky plays the incompetant sheriff of Old Pedos and must rely on Daffy to save the town from Yosemite Sam.

"Duck Dodgers" - Porky reveals himself to be the father of both Daffy and his evil twin Marvin the Martian in this cartoon.

"Robin Duck" - Porky/Little John must find a dinner guest for Daffy/Robyn Hode. The Tasmanian Devil finally joins him, but eats him.

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