Progressive rock

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The unlistenable noisy nonsense that rock enthusiasts call "progressive rock" is certainly that, if by "progressive" you mean progressing from bad to worse. There is no end to the atonal meandering that these lunatics call music. Progressive rock is merely the same three-chord-two-guitar-and-a-bass-with-violent-thumping-for-a-drum-beat-plus-some-weird-keyboards as all other forms of rock, with the exception that one of the members of the band actually studied music a bit and decided he hated it so much that he would write songs that violated everything he was supposed to have learned, then bribed a violinist and a saxophonist from a bad local orchestra into joining his so-called "band" and somehow convinced them to follow along in his incessant atonal meandering. So they do this for twenty-two minutes, because mercifully that's all that used to fit on one side of an LP, and even then often nothing stopped some of them from filling four LPs with the same nonsense. Examples of progressive rock artists are Camel, Jethro Tull, Yes and Beck.