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Propagandaelia is the issue and ultrapop star of various talk shows, children's books, and the patron of various Fonchezzidae. In addition, he is the name of a dozen different organisms in the Genius of Propagandaelia, a book detailing the excerpts of subtle advertisement and nuancing propaganda. His epic books have shed many a tear, only to burn down the shed a moment later. Some people are idiots, burning sheds. But it's best you don't try to manipulate them, because they might burn you. Ooh, burn! Can't take the heat? Stay out of the kitchen!


Because you can't disco with the best of them, you gotta mess with the rest of them. Oh your ears are ringing, the bell of time, could I have on my side of fries some thyyyme! This article can go, but please don't tell me no! The world's spinning down, don't kill Bobo the clown...

Maybe you can't disco with the best of them, but you could run away! Let's epic it out here, and tell me what you have to say! Filler, it's filling, and it's not always thrilling, finding that, we know our cats, we want to see our rats and our bats! Let's not keep going, let's find our knowing, without blowing...

A trumpet.