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Teh pwnt Inri


Pwn is an essential component of 1337$p34k. Many believe that is an acronym for "pathetic work, n00b," but it is derived from the Latin pvvnnare, meaning "to huff kittens". In Old French it became pvvner, and the word was brought to England by William the Conqueror. It underwent change during the next thousand years; for example, in an early draft of Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote, "To pwnne, or not to pwnne; that is the question."

In modern times a rumour has arisen that pwn was a typo of "own". This is a lie.

PWN as a noun is a Person with Narcolepsy.

  • I pwn j00 n00b translates to I emerged victorious, though the match was long and my opponent skilled.
Sometimes a Literate Pwning is a good thing.