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Radio is a sound salvation... It's cleaning up the nation.

~ Oscar Wilde on Radio

Yeah, radio. I invented that. Hoo hoo hoo! Tell 'em Fred, I invented everything!!

~ Howard Stern on Radio ( literally )

Radio was discovered in 1543 by The Simpsons. Oprah was long famous as the inventor of the Radio but she was discovered as an imposter in 1337.


You can use the radio to make money. Radio is also used to spread right-wing propaganda about French maids and agriculture. It is also used to eat fudge.


Dick Clark exploited the radio in order to ensure he could be the first face seen on television every New Year's Eve. Ryan Seacrest attempted to kill Dick Clark in the Battle of Hastings, but realized his longbow was no use against Dick Clark's patriot missiles. A radio played the Chemical Brother's "Block Rockin' Beats" during the battle.

The future[edit]

XM Radio will allow Martians to receive top hits of the 80's on their Martian Rovers. Use of newly regulated subspace frequencies will allow us to contact the Delta Quadrant.

Sirius radio will allow dogs to understand what they listen to on the radio and take it seriously.

Radio ( continued )[edit]

How to build a radio[edit]

What you need[edit]

  • Neon
  • Kryptonite
  • A bowl
  • No soap


  1. Mix it in the bowl.
  2. Form it with your hands.
  3. Plug it in.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Note: Rinsing while plugged in may have adverse effects. Repeating while plugged in will not.

How to build a crystal radio[edit]

What you need[edit]

  • A coil
  • A cat's whisker
  • An eye of newt
  • A rock of Crystal Meth™


  1. Take the cat, skin it, pluck out the best whisker and discard the skin.
  2. Attach the whisker to the Crystal. If you can't get Crystal, you can substitute Coke™.
  3. Put your nose very close to the radio.
  4. Inhale deeply.


  • The word "borange" was created on the radio by Ross Noble in the year 2005 ( on an Australian radio station called Triple J ).
  • The worst radio station is Krappraadio, An independent radio/tv channel in Estonia, directed by Kirjutas Hr. Maru.
  • The quote, "Hey, ya'll this is Radio", from Radio was one of Cuba Gooding Jr's finest performances.



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