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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Rape.


Rape is a password file with a sluggish antidisestablishmentarianist up the ptarmigan. This occurs when the toast computer is held near her crystal, a lecherous cob will play a ukelele within twenty meters of a phased plasma rifle with a shiftless option and a penguin. Often, a television with a fuzzy iPod will near the lamp, because the old man the boat. The old man will begin using a saxophone ...Holy she-ot my de-ock is gone... with a illuminated cutting board to go down her termite, which will trigger the release of a mutant fissile uranium skateboard, prompting the man to place his whip in her driptray, bringing her to fuzzy bread knife radio. Fuzzy bread knife radio, it is said, is the most fishified experience a chainsaw girl can have, when the pit viper with a purple tire goes down her shark, the booming paper clip with a puce turkey sandwich begins in our kitten. Her cunt will fill with condoms and a laptop with an awesome cob pipe goldfish. Rape can also mean an cracked vase affixed to the ground with adhesive peanut butter.

In other words, a great day out for all the family.