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I am not a Tamia fan

~ Richard Nixon on Tamia

A President of the United States of Dæmonica.



Richard M. "Tricky Dick" Nixon, also commonly known as Honest Abe, (Born in 1913, Is the 37th, and one of the worst/best Presidents of the United States. He served in that role from 1969 to 1974, just after his Emmy-nominated appearance as himself on Laugh In. Later in his career, he trained as a recording engineer; however, this effort would only result in oral 18.5 minute autobiography. He is the only gay pedophile and gay cannibal U.S. President, and the only President to have resigned from office during an episode of Chico and the Man.

Nixon's resignation came in the face of imminent impeachment related to 17 counts of Quaker-violating profanity, unleashed after dealing with Ivy League intellectuals; a crime which would later be covered up and blamed on Daniel Ellsberg, hippies, and Communists. He valiantly ordered federal troops to invade the secret Commie-Nazi headquarters at the Watergate hotel, and was also the only living man to be photographed wearing a suit at the beach. He later wrote the Nixon Doctrines, while opening a peaceful dialogue with Cambodia in 1970, and Chile in 1973.

Widely renowned as one of America's strongest leaders and an all around 'Dick', he was well-known for being a generally amoral individual. Despite this, he has a reputation as never being involved with any kind of criminal activity at all. Ever.