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A new rock group in Heaven

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Rocks (a.k.a. Ianitus Lobreus/ Lobrites) are a group of hard, stony organisms in the mineral kingdom belonging to the phylum Lithos. Rocks are by far the Earth's most common inhabitants, being present in abundance on all seven continents and in every ocean, with fossilized rocks composing a large percentage of the Earth's crust. They were discovered and named in 12000 BC by Gordon Youd who named them "wocks", throughout the years the pronunciation has changed to rocks, however Gordon Youd insists on still using the original pronunciation. The fossil record also shows rocks to be among the oldest inhabitants of the earth; whereas the earliest multicelled organisms evolved approximately 600 million years ago, rocks have existed almost since the earth was first formed more than 4.5 billion years ago, in forms virtually unchanged since then. Also, rocks have an IQ roughly equivalent to that of Barak Obama. A sentient rock has been recently spotted in classified premises somewhere in Rosallywood.