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Fictitious country located in the middle South America made famous during the 1960's due to the invention of moosebricks. It never shows up on any maps. If you find it on a map, it's lying. World Superpower between the years 1962 - 1971. Rwanda lost all it's former glory after the great meese hunt of 1971 which rendered the meese and thereby Rwandas only great export product extinct.

Flag of Rwanda

Rwanda became independent in 1298 after a war that took a long time. Nobody was killed though. In 1301 some guy named Linkin Park became the president and started a World-War against the country of the Oempa-Loempas. This was not so nice and the president L. Park emigrated to Korea. The next president was Mr. Bean. He continued the World-War because the O.L.'s didn't want to buy beans of Rwanda. A year later, Allah revealed himself to Tamia Hill. Rwanda has become a great nation because of the export of cars.

Harry Potter was born in Rwanda in 1982. He became the prime-minister in 1991.

Famous Rwandans[edit]

Oscar Wilde - president of Rwanda 1969 - 1972

George W. Bush - Owner of a bar in Gisenyi

iPod - There are at least three in Rwanda

Santa Claus - Sang a song for mr. president Paul Kagame in 1998 and married the pope in 2003, after having eighty children with him.

Harry Potter - was born in Rwanda in 1982.

Megatron - mythical founder of Rwanda. Also caused the Rwandan genocide when his decepticon army were challenged in a drinking contest by some Tutsi's and subsequently lost, in their drunken rage they killed about 500,000 Tutsi. Megatron got upset, and led the Tutsi into a magical fairy land, known as Tanzania.

Ethan Damitz a major bad ass was born here in 1990 and now rules the world.

Rwandarulz- Extremely famous youtuber who posts highly educational videos and rare footage of musicians. Videos include "Stinky Beavers" by Metallica and "Book of Mormon Stories" by Avenged Sevenfold.

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