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Sailing goes back to the time of the Greeks. The greeks were looking for a faster way to transport their drugs across the sea to the Native Americans who were already addicted. The gods had burned the last person who tried to fly ( Icarus ), so for reasons of liability they had to find an alternate means of crossing the ocean. They needed to find something that was cheap and floated. Several experiments involving with artificial materials such as styrofoam failed. Soon a genius by the name of Trof Nivek created a raft of dry mud onto which large fans for propulsion could be attached. Trof was awarded a medal for his services to his country. Right before the maiden voyage of his raft he mysteriously disappeared. Rumors continue to swirl but most claim he escaped to Afghanistan. His relation to the Al Queda is not entirely clear but it seems logical. His ship set out for the new world and before it got out of site of land the mud got soft again and all the drugs ( and the mud ) were lost into the Mediterranean. This also explains the behavior of the native islanders of that area. They grew up drinking water enriched with prehistoric forms of heroin and cocaine. The people on the raft were stranded in the middle of a body of water with no way to get back to land. Thus the sport of sailing was born.


Modern Sailing[edit]

In recent years laws passed by the UN have made it punishable by death to sail with out a lifejacket.

"They could die without a lifejacket" -George Bush in an interview after the controversial decision

"They are taking away our manhood by making us wear a lifejacket"-Seamen who wished to remain anonymous

Sailing is an organized sport at many colleges. It is also a form of punishment. It is the highest form of punishment to make a person try to sail across a lake in the middle of winter in a mud boat.

Small modern sailing boats, called dinghies, come in many shapes and sizes. Their names give clear indication of what their sailors were thinking of when they developed them - or of what their developers were smoking at the time. Dinghy classes include the Opti, Byte, 420, 29er, 49er, Martin, and the Laser ( confusingly divided into Laser, Laser 2, Laser Radial, Laser Pico, Laser Steel-belted, Laser Nano and Laser Bias-ply ).

How to get involved[edit]


If you are interested in the manly sport of sailing just contact your nearest harware store to rent a backhoe and build yourself a boat.

Remember to wear a lifejacket or the UN will send the Power Rangers to get you

How many times do i have to tell you!! We are not affiliated with the Power Rangers-UN spokewoman

Alternatively, you can contact Alex Good. He is a s*** sailor, but he will, however, be more than willing to 'show you the ropes'. Also, the Pineview sailing team would like to make a shoutout to all those homey's up in the Plant High hood. They are probably the coolest guys we know!

Other Random Facts[edit]

  • Zeus was once quoted saying Sailing is like sex, you are either good at or you are dead.
  • Sailing is not recommended by the Surgeon General.
  • Sailing is not an alternate to Kitten Huffing.
  • Sailing is responsible for the deaths of Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Elvis, and 6.9 million other not so important people.
  • If you are injured while sailing dont call 911, they dont have boats yet