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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Samhain.

This is the band Danzig made to be more evil than The Misfits. He changed the name to Danzig because Samhain became to evil for him to control. The name itself breaks glass every time you say it so its pronounced "Sow win" .Samhain had to record as bad as they could ,because in raw form the songs are too evil for human ears to hear. This is also why they did 60% Misfits covers live.


-Danzig duh
-Rob Zombie was in Samhain for a few minutes but was kicked out by Danzig before anything got made. It is said that if they ever did make a song ,the sound would make people burst into flames.
-Damien from The Omen played guitar for Samhain ,he was later kicked out for challenging Danzigs evilness. -Danzigs first wife.