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Sandwichtologists are a secretive bunch, concocting all sort of weird and wonderful creations in spacious rooms, often at lunchtime. Particularly resourceful sandwich makers come from the 18 - 22 age group, where any old scraps can be make into an often half-edible breaded snack.

Tools of the Trade[edit]

Your typical sandwichtologist may find nothing more than a sharp bread knife and a suitably selected 'whippy' knife is used for making sandwiches about town.


Failing that, one particular knife strapped student, a certain Mr. Andrew Taylor, once resorted to buttering with a spoon.

Motorway Service Stop Sandwiches[edit]

Warning! These particular sandwiches are not endorsed by, and are not approved by, the Intergalactic Council for the Safety of Breaded Snacks. They should be avoided at all costs, and may cause wanted side effects, such as being attractive to one eyed alien babes]to become commonplace. These are recognizable by their plastic cling wrap and 2-week-old expiration dates. You have been warned!