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Saudi Flag

( Coat of Arms )
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fried Camel

Genre Country
Official languages Malayalam , Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Yelling Allahuakbar
Unofficial languages Shi'a voice
Capital Couple of tents in the middle of the desert
Largest City New Khabasha DC ( even though it only has 100 people in it, it's still the biggest )
Government Hostile
President Shiekh Olmert Alafghani
Crime Minister Bin Laden
Established after 9/11
Major exports Oil, Terrorism, Drunk students
Major imports Bangladeshis, Westren bullshit
Currency The Cammel
National Sport twirling turbans, trading harem for camels, jihad, anal intercourse
National Hero ( es ) Osama Bin Laden, Al zarqawi, Mullah Omar, Pamela Anderson
National Anthem "Fuck yo song, we're rich bitch!"
HDI ( 2007 ) >0.00 ( non-existent ) ( last )
Time zone Stone Age - 200yrs )
Climate ( No winter )
Internet TLD .fk

I don't know what this Saudi Arabia is but if it looks like Iraq, Bomb it.

~ George W. Bush

Saudi Arabia (Arabic: المملكة العبرية الشيعية الإشتراكية العظمى, English: The Land of Camel Fuckers, Binary: 00100. American: ( NOP ) The National Oil Preserve, Hebrew: H01Y SH1T, Kazakh: Anoos ) Is the only democratic state in the Middle East ( formerly South America ), which is run by a bunch of infidels.


Saudi Arabia is the main exporter of oil in the entire world, despite its no known natural resources. It is also the world's biggest producer of turbans due to twirling as a national sport. It's also the world's third largest producer of Arabs behind Egypt and England. In additon, the country is the largest producer and exporter of fatwa of infidelity, making everyone else infidelized , including themselves.


Women in Saudi Arabia have the unusual power to make men do what ever women want. They have the power of voodoo in their eyes; just one look can turn a man into a permanent love slave. Thus, women in Saudi Arabia keep their terrifying voodoo eyes veiled at all times lest their power overwhelm the poor helpless men. Women here make men do all of the most menial and boring tasks such as driving, standing in line at ggovernment offices, working, traveling outside the Kingdom, and playing sports. The country is also unique in that its people aren't born through sexual reproduction, which was banned in 1955, but are produced in and imported from nearby Bahrain, using Russian, Thai and Lebanese prostitutes. Anal sex is practised openly in public. In 2000, it has been granted the national sport prestige.

A guy can have sex with any girl/boy he wants


In order to understand the saudi culture it's been suggested to interview a young saudi citizen:

Interviewer: your name?
Saudi: Ahmed.

Interviewer: sex?
Saudi: 8 times a week.

Interviewer: sorry, i meant male or female..
Saudi: males, females, shemales, and sometimes even camels.

Interviewer: holy cow!
Saudi: yea, cows and goats, too.

Interviewer: gosh, isn't that hostile?
Saudi: horse style, dog style, any style!

Interviewer: oh, dear!
Saudi: nah, no deer, they run too fast!

Gay Marriage[edit]

Saudi American diplomatic relations.

Christian Salines the Saudi Royal family passed a legislation to legalize Gay Marriage in 1954 and thus becoming the first country to do so after Afghanistan, Utah and Kazakhstan.


King Fahad ( aka Lord of the Blings ) and Queen Elizabeth ( aka Elizabitch when teenager ) wedding. Notice the bling bling.

Saudi Establishments[edit]

  • CIA: Cockain Inhalation Association.
  • NASA: National Anal Sex Association.
  • FAG: Fuckin Association of Gays
  • FBI: Fuckers & Bitches Interrelation.
  • KFC: Kid Fuckers Confederation.
  • FHA ( US: Federal Housing Administration ): Federal Homosexuality Administration.