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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Sauerkraut.

Victory Cabbage ( sauerkraut ) is a smelly thing that you can use to flavour stuff, poison it or just give it a face lift. One of my favorite treats, although my parents can't stand the stuff. It was invented by the Germans, but unlike the Koreans, the German art of sauerkraut never advanced to the level of kimchi. Sauerkraut is made by taking away a German's toys.

Sauerkraut also has many practical applications in the country of Russia, where it is used as an insulant and a warning system. However, such usage decreased in the 2nd century, and continues to fall up until this very day.

If you stand in front of a mirror at midnight and say the word sauerkraut three times in a row, a fine specimen of kraut will materialize itself in your hair.

Linguistic Origins[edit]

Try eating this and you will die and go to hell with Hillary Clinton.

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