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Senegal ( adjective: Senegalese. adverb: Senegaleasily ) is one of those countries in West Africa that had its borders drawn up by French politicians in a cognac-fueled morass of self-importance, with no regard to already-existing tribal boundaries.

Senegal's two main ethnic groups, the Wolofs and the Fulas, had already established borders, indicated by painted lines, crude stone walls, razor wire borrowed from neighbouring Rwanda, and cardboard signs which read "NOW ENTERING FULA TERRITORY - WATCH YOUR ASS" in Sharpie marker. But then along came the French who had to screw everything up just like everywhere else. This is why the French are held in such low esteem by the Senegaliens, and why they consider the Sharpie marker to be a potent symbol of freedom and prosperity.

Local Wildlife[edit]

Senegal Puss

The Sengal Puss ( Tigris Rosacaeus ) inhabits the Senegalese interior. It feeds on birds and journalists.


Senegal's most major export is peanuts and peanut accessories, which may explain why Jimmy Carter hates Senegal so much, and why he writes books with titles like "Senegal: Peace, not Apartheid". Senegal's second most major export is Segolene Royal, and its third biggest export is phosphates, usually cherry-flavoured..

For the last year in which data is available ( 1979 - things move slow in Senegal ), the rate of inflation was 50% per year and unemployment was holding steady at 100%, which may explain why things were moving so slow.