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Seashells' offshore banks


The nation is the largest single exporter of seashells in the world.

  • For reasons unknown, more seashells wash up on Seashells' shores each day than anywhere else in the world. One possible explanation bandied about is the existence of magnetic water-currents around the islands.
  • Seashells' biggest seashell buyers are tourist shops in Hawaii and Coney Island.

Offshore Banks[edit]

Being offshore and with so many islands, there are many offshore banks in Seashells, many of which are sandy. Well-heeled individuals from countries around the world come to Seashells to deposit their clams and sand dollars at offshore banks.


Tourists flock to Seashells from all over the globe to enjoy the nation's fabled sandy, seashelled beaches and, of course, to savour its famous shellfish cuisine. Tourists should be sure to check out the value-priced meals on red-tide Tuesdays.