Simulated annealing

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Those obsessed with so-called-experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Simulated annealing.

Simulated annealing is a term invented by the hardcore porn industry to describe softcore.

The skinny of it is that it means cash-flow problems. Here's why:

  • The optical illusions that makes a flaccid male member look aroused. By means of clever camera tricks, smoke and mirrors, the director wants to convice you something has happened when it's not. It usually means they're on a tight budget and can't afford Viagra.
Conclusion: simulated annealing.
  • The optical illusion that a coupling takes place. Again a lack of Viagra becomes apparent.
Conclusion: simulated annealing. Note that this simulation in itself has also become known by the term, for obvious reasons.
  • The presence of actual dialogue?
We think you get the picture.