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Snoop Dogg doin' his thang wid his hos, Peppermint Patty and Marcie

Shizzle pizzle hizzle mo bizzle bling blang sho gizzle.

~ Snoop Dogg

Snoop Doggie DooDoo, formely Oscar Myer Wiener (1BC - 2045) was perhaps the most famous Civil War general in historizzle. On the side of the confedrizzles, he single-handedly won the battizzle of Estonia, the battizzle of elbonia, and the battizzle of stankonia. He is the 41st and soonizzle to be the 43rd presidentizzle of Americizzle. He origninizzle booted bushizzle out, but was forcizzled back out by Chenizzle, and will take the Whiteizzle houseizzle back some time before 2020. Sometimeizzle after 2030 he will join the Terminatizzle and Mike Jones as the World Trio of Dictatizzles. He currently resides in the Westsidizzle. He is also well knownizzle for being the best friend of Charlie Brown, and the king of Ebonics. He is also rumored to be America's MOST LOVABLE PIMP

Earlypizzle Lifeozzizzle[edit]

General Dizzle studying a 3-dimensional map of the Yankee territorizzles. Snoop Dogg is also a rabid supporter of the Time Cube theory.

Snoop Dizzle was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1 BC along with his little-known twin bizzle, Jesus. As a young chizzle, Snoop Dizzle showed an early intrest in the militizle.

Freshizzle out of westizzle side universitizzle, having gained a degrizzle in pimpnosis and urban studizzles, Snoop Dizzle befriended the strangizzle and experienced oldizzle man Albert Einstein. Einstein was then trying to find a way to reverse time and get his "mojo" back. The two of them worked on the probizzle for severizzle years, then used a simplizzle form of time travel to send their completizzle paper, "Time travel: An Examinizzle of Underlying Principizzles" back to 1908, when it was publishizzled.

Snoop Dizzle high atop the Christmas Trezizzle.

In 1492, Snoopizzle was draftizzled into the Confederizzle armizzle and rapidizzle moved up the rankizzles.

Snoop Dizzle was a heavy smoker of the cannabizzizzle weed and Newspaper. He smokizzled it almost daily but especiallizzle at Christmazzizzle time. At Christmazzizzle part-AYS he was knownizzle to get so high he would climbizzle on top of the trezzizzle as seen in the photizzle on the rizzle.

In 1998 he joined an anti-drug campaign called "LA, free of marijuizzle" in which he visited every house in Los Angeles changing marijuana for toys. The obtained weed was stored in his house.

In 2001, he booted out Bush to become the 41st presizzle of Americizzle, but got booted out by cheney a few years later. the people thought he was tottaly gay and decited to distinguish him from the face of the earth. so like a secont latter thousands of people came to distinked him and they fed him to the iltempers mutant sea bass.he was pronunced dead on the ferdy tirst of januaryizzle

The Popeizzle[edit]

In the yearizzle 2991, Snoop Dogg ran for Popeizzlacy and wonizzle. He changed the Bibizzle cover and put a weedizzle pictizzle on the front. He legalizzled weedizzle to all Christizzles and was the most famousizzle popeizzle ever. In later years, Snoopy Doggy Dizzle would publizzle severalizzle copies of the Bibizzle for the public.


Snoop Dogg forgot to dieizzle, and when God retirizzled, SNOOP G-O-Double-D took over his jobizzle.I guessizzle you could sayizzle God and Snoopizzle are close g's. It's said in an ancientizzle Aztect Legenizzle that Snoopy Doggizzle and Godizzle took turns smokizzleing their herbizzle to create the bigizzle bangizzle. Sourcizzles show this is indeedizzle truizzle.


Snoopizzle Doggizzle is a well knownizzle campaignizzle against marijuana, and has marchizzled for this cause on many occasions, alongizzle with his fellowizzle anti-drug activizzles Dr. Dre ( whose "the Chronic" album is a result of his antidrug stance ) and Eminem.


If not for Snoop Dizzle's expertise as a generizzle, the world would not have been conquered by the confedrizzles

The Religizzon[edit]

The Dogg Father fizzounded a chizzurch in 2044 b-cuz he was sizzick of "this mark-ass shizznit these other relizzigions be tizzeachin"

  • The Chizzurch of Dee Oh Double Gee came in exizztence After Snoop Dizzle be smokin' a fat bitch with hiz hoez and passed out. When he wuz consiouz again, he thought he waz god, as did the hoez.

He belives the world was sperm that went in to a bitch and created mother earth.

Famous Quotes[edit]

To heir, is human. To forgive, divine.

~ Snoop Dogg on sex

Gangsta rap is the highest form of music. Gangsta rap has always been a supreme form of music.

~ Snoop Dogg on drugs

Oddly enough, "Snoop Doggy Dogg" can be anagrammed to "Poos Gondgy God," "Gondgy" being an alternate spelling for "Ganja."

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