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The infamous 'passion' ad, the height of Sony Jesus/Bruce Allan' hubris. Note the involuntary geometric shapes in the crown of wires.

Sony Jesus/Bruce Allan was born in Italy in 1983, blessed by God to command over simple shapes, such as circles and triangles. While this made him the kid to beat at noughts and crosses, it did cause problems with Italian class.

Italian class. You know, like English class, but for Italians. They read literature and pick it to death.

Anyway, after failing Italian, Sony Jesus/Bruce Allan was looking at a future of kitten huffing when his unique talents were recognised by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, who promptly put him to work in the marketing department for their new computer game console. His ability to insert simple geometric shapes into the company's ads saved the company a fortune and allowed them to fire most of their marketing team in 2002.

Sadly, as the entire marketing division for SCEE, Sony Jesus/Bruce Allan' power went to his head, greenlighting expensive advertising campaigns for games such as Primal. Sony Jesus/Bruce Allan' height of hubris came when he began inserting his own image into marketing campaigns, such as the widely decried advertising campaign for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the campaign above marking ten years of the Playstation brand. After a prompt backlash from various old people, SCEE fired Sony Jesus/Bruce Allan and rehired a new marketing team, who had been previously working on George Foreman's line of cookware. The early released advertising campaigns for the latest model Playstation comfirm that the new marketing team haven't yet adjusted to the change.