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The inventor of soup, Fraser McSoup "MY PEN IS BROKEN" Matthew Liebeck, 5AI Fraser was born on a small island west of France, Framany (given its name as it was owned by the Germans) approximately six hours into the sixth of June, 1313 to Frank and Missy McSoup. He was born on a table which had 665 on the table cloth, so for his entire life, 665 was his favourite number, signifying that he was almost evil. When he was a young boy, he didn't go to school, so he couldn't read or write, but when he was 17, he got a job as a violin stringer. As a kid, he was a very handsome, athletic boy, but as he grew older, he gradually got uglier and fatter, and became a heavy drinker, which lead to him being incredibly accident prone. He took a trip to Britain in 1366 and met a lovely woman with the same second name as him, her name was Katherine. The two fell in love, got married in a London church and had 13 kids, all male. They all moved to a small island called Chapan, between China and Japan, in 1370, where they found a stray dog, struggling to stay alive. They took the dog in and named it Milberry, but after only a few months of owning the dog, it fell down a very steep hill and stumbled to its death. In 1385 Fraser was chopping up vegetables and he fell, resulting in the chopping board, with the vegetables on it, falling into a pot of boiling water. This was the first type of soup – Vegetable and chopping board soup. In 1399, fourteen years after he made the first type of soup, he discovered that it would taste so much better without the chopping board, so then vegetable soup was invented. From that, he experimented and made all different types of soup, which are still eaten to this day. His soups became highly popular, so he kept making them for the rest of his life. In February 1666, after a long, tiring life of soup making, his life flashed before his eyes as he was hit by the world's first motor vehicle. Fortunately, he did not die, but he broke his leg in more than one place. The numbers 666 in the year may have something to do with it. Later that same day, he fell from his roof putting his Christmas decorations up. You see, going up on your roof with a broken leg is a highly stupid idea. He was badly paralysed, but really missed his horse riding days, so he mounted a horse, and wasn't on for long before he fell off and died, coincidentally. He was buried in Madarica (between Madagascar and Africa) and people still go to visit his grave to this day, usually leaving flowers, and watering them with soup. It is rumoured that Fraser had three legs, but no evidence has been found to prove this

All information found by Cursedii Rott and Corpse Slash (from musselburgh Scotland)