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South is now on Blue-Ray DVD. Corporate pulled in some yes-men from outside and a couple of disentanglement consultants for the final heave-ho. All that's left is the pudding. Let's eat!

South by Southeast[edit]

South by southeast is the thrilling sequel to the Hitchklonk film by North by Northwest. It is set in New York like all good movies and you can buy the movie complete with a tasty bad of delicious popcorn.


To the dismay of those who decided to buy the movie, you true best part is the popcorn (Did I mention it's buttered popcorn?) Oh right the movie, anyway the movie is a tad predictably being just absurdly the opposite of North by North West for example the sky is orange and the grass is red, I mean whats with that? That may even by too random for this place!


The main character of this piece is a guy named George. George has to find the explosives and dismantle before the timer runs down. I for one thought George wasn't going to pull through, but thankfully George used his super reflexes to disarm the bomb before it imploded.

There is also George's girlfriend who tags along making a mess whilst also offering support for George, as a fellow popcorn lover she is my favoritest character.

ZOMG Copyright vio![edit]

Hitchcock was very saddened that Hitchklonk had made a ripoff of his idea. Despite the handicap of being dead what the movie was made, he swore to take the case to court. Klonk verses Cock, Klonk won down to the fact that his name made the jury giggle.