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United States of America
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A state of the United States of Dæmonica

VSD.jpg USofD.PNG In the near past, a group of settlers tired of taxation without representation and the tyranny that resulted from it overthrew their former government to form a new government. This new government promised taxation with representation by those who wouldn't have to pay the taxes they created, thus creating more good-old-fashioned tyranny. Enraged by the taxes they thought they had finally rid themselves of, a large group of the taxpayers went west, where there were no taxes anywhere and the buffalo stampeded in large magnificent herds. Many of these westward pioneers believed that the more buffalo you shot for absolutely no reason, the more friendly the Indians who relied on the buffalo would be. This why there are more guns than people in South Dakota.

The starving and justifiably angry Indians tried to show the trigger-happy pioneers the error of their ways by killing them for absolutely no reason at all. This all being said, going west in those days wasn't very fun because if you shot a buffalo for food the Indians would show up that night and hang you with your own intestines, and if you didn't shoot the buffalo for food you starved to death over the eight years it took to move from the east coast to the west coast. Many historians agree that if the great coast-to-coast subway had been opened on time, many of these tragic events never would have occurred. Coincidentally, the aforementioned subway is scheduled to be completed in 2210.