Space Satan

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Space Satan transforms human minds into demonic computing machines!Space Satan or Bat Fuck Satan is the anti-deity who comes from space to wreak his evil doings upon the Earth. He's referred to as "Old Mick" by Brits, due to a resemblance to Mick Jagger, and "Liberace" on the other side of the pond, where George W. Bush thinks he's a big fairy.

He is the sworn enemy of the Roman Catholic Church, particularly their "Commandos For Christ", Opus Dei. In 2001, he gave humans the power to connect with the TransEthereal beings using two mayonnaise jars, wires, and a secret-UnTech thingy. UnChurch officials are tight-lipped about the use of UnTech for evil, except to say, "It's so cool", to quote Margaret Thatcher.

He's known to Lithuanians and Kurds as "Bat Fuck Satan", because, to believe this, one must be "insane enough to fuck a bat", writes Thor Heyerdahl , a Norwegian marine biologist with a great interest in the occult in his book His Majesty Is Like A Stream Of Bat Piss. Appalachians recall Space Satan fondly, when he appeared out of thin air in the form of Bob Dobbs, founding Discordianism.