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Spambot's first laboratory
Spambot in his spacesuit

Bertie Bears are super-powerfull higher evolved species, that conquered the largest mountain/volcano in the Solar System - Olympus Mont on Mars. On the top of it, thay saw something. This thing was Spambot. When they were looking to it, he killed them all...

He came to Earth in human form to star in many movies, which make many people happy. Later, when he decided that he likes it, he send the phpBB group to protect the mountain while he is gone. When phpBB group saw Olympus, they started to develop the best form of interplanetary communication, forum software called phpBB 3, codenamed after that mountain. But, before they finished the software, the mountain Olympus exploded and leaved phpBB 3 in Beta stage forever!

After explosion spambot come back to the Mars and found last screenshot of super-hyper-ultra-secret orange-blue-green-blood red style. When people started to ask him for it, he deleted it, and people will never know how super-hyper-ultra-secret orange-blue-green-blood red style should look...

Spambot played in:[edit]

  • Spambot the increadible
  • Spambot II: Judgment Day
  • Spambot returns
  • SpamMan
  • Chronicles of Spambot
  • Spam Wars (The Phantom Spam, Attack of the Spammers, Revenge of the Spam, A New Spam, The Spammers Strike Back, Return of the Spammers)
  • Spambot Trek
  • The Sound of Spam
  • Spamming in the Rain
  • Spamming from Space (sequel of Spamming in the Rain)
  • The Sum of all Spam
  • The Godspam I,II,III
  • Spambot Almighty
  • Lord of the Spam (The Fellowship of the Spam, The Two Spammers, The Return of the Spambot)
  • The House of Spam
  • The West Side Spam
  • Finding Spam
  • Spam possible I, II, III
  • The Spambox series (Spambox, Spambox reloaded, Spambox revolutions)
  • The Spam express
  • Spam Story
  • Winfixereng728x90.gif
  • Spams Inc.
  • Spams
  • Spam Hour I & II
  • Spam on a Plane
  • Spamballs
  • Spammer House
  • Thank you for Spamming
  • InSpamable
  • SpamBob SpammerPants
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Spammers
  • AnchorSpam: The Legend of Spam Spammy
  • Gone With The Spam
  • The Spamsons
  • Family Spam
  • South Spam
  • Stranger Than Spam
  • Men in Spam I and II
  • Lost in Spam!
  • Spam, Spamm, n' Spammy
  • Codename: Spam Next Door
  • Good Spam Hunting
  • Super Spam Bros. Movie
  • Spam: The Other Reindeer
  • S.P.A.M
  • Land Before Spam
  • Jurassic Spam
  • Kicking and Spamming
  • Charlie and the Spam Factory

People made some good movies about him:

  • The life of Spambot
  • Me, myself and Spambot
  • Spambot, the documentary
  • Last Screenshot

J. R. Cowbling is now writing very interesting series of books about Spammy Snotter:

  • Spammy Snotter: And the Spammers Stone
  • Spammy Snotter: And the Chamber of Spam
  • ...

Battle with Hank the Spamdog[edit]

Before Bertie bears conquered Olympus Mont, the king of them breeded son, Bertie the Cowdog. When they went to Olympus Mont, he was safe in his house. When spambot killed all Berties, his mom renamed him to Hank because she didn't want him to be killed by spambot. But one day he saw spambot in the TV and went to Hollywood to take revenge on him. He punched Spambot with his super hand.

Hank punched spambot with his super-hand

Now Hank is the best sevant of Spambot.