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Sparty is a figure wanted for murder throughout the state of Michigan and feared in the rest of the USA. Sparty often eats the heart of his victims, forever leaving a trail of blood and gore in his path. Bringing death to all who meet him, Sparty is infamous and more evil than Hitler. Sparty has won two national champion mascot competitions by threatening judges and eliminating all major opposition. He also participates in gang wars and works for the Mafia on week-ends as hired muscle. Due to his size, strength and killing ability, Sparty is near undefeatable.

No-one can find Sparty unless he actually wants to be found. Many people attribute this to the fact that he spends a lot of his time in Hell torturing the souls of the damned and generally chilling with his home-boy Satan. However, he often comes out at night to feed on the blood of mortals and because he just loves to kill. Sparty often does other crazy things, like setting nurseries and hospitals on fire and joy-riding.