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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Sperm.
Sperm. It makes babies.

Generated from Bollocks in men, and the girl version ( Merm ) in ladies Mollocks.

Sperm is a very popular cake topping.

Dark skinned men don't make sperm. They make darklings.

Sperm is a radioactive isotope. It is also a very large whale which is why some Japanese have a passion for eating Sperm.

If it is mixed with evilness, Darth Vader suggests that the universe would implode.

Oprah discovered the tastiness of sperm in 1945 together with her friend Marie Curie.

Sperm comes from the mining caves on the planet Namek.

Main ingrediant in Burger King's special sauces and McDonald's Mayo ( yeah, that bastard clown's sperm ).

Sperm is the one thing Scientologists will not sue you over

Slang terms for Sperm[edit]

Population Porridge, Baby Gravy, Baby Batter, White Snake Stew, Special Sauce, Mushroom and Bleach Hot Drink, Spaff, Cum, Nob Spit, Cock Cream, Splatter, Man Milk, sploosh, icky sticky, Protein Ration, Dick Snot, Goof Juice, jizz, Big White Load, Man Sauce, Man Chowder, Manthrax, Dick cheese, love juice, eddy juice.

Pop Since Time[edit]

Infact sperm is the life-giving force of the Universe. According to Einstein`s General Theory Of Relativity it's very likely, that the so called dark matter consists of 95% sperm and 3% hot oriental spices, also called as primal soup in some Garlic-based cultures. Only if you are too curious -> The theory says, that the other 2% don't exist anyway, because they are a product of a simple miscalculation.

Note: Einstein discovered this during the usual Sunday's Briana Loves Double Anal show, whilst being in a state of "Omidog! Omigod! I'm gonna cum! aaaAAAAAAHHH! OH! OH! OH YEAH! I'm CUMMING!", so he could be easily trusted.

Hair Care Possibilities[edit]

It has been suggested that adding sperm to wet hair will increase its durability and shine, unlike ovary juice which will just make your hair fall out. Of course the sperm has to be hot, who would actually but that in their fridge, you dirty, dirty man(or masculine woman). Furthermore, you can use the sperm for hair gel, surely nobody has done that before. What the hell are you talking about, mary who?

A Selection of Anagrams of Sperm[edit]

  • Perms
  • Rsmep
  • Msper
  • Emrsp
  • Smurph
  • Dustbin
  • Al Pacino

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