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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Symbol.
A symbol for Jesus Dioxide

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Weeoo weeoo weoo weeeooo weeooo ploink ploink!

NOTE characters are used in alien wonder you can't understand Kaniwar 2


What the cheese balls?[edit]

It is a translation:

Greetings earthlings.
We will come on the next Illogicopedia's full moon to destroy the planets starting with earth. If you want to live then you have to live in the sun or somewhere else besides the Solar System.
We have decided to use Jupiter as our home planet and use other planets for places like hell or heaven for aliens, and Mercury is for the Alien God and pluto is for the Alien Devil. We really don't want to destroy the planets, it is just commanded by the Alien God. Secretly we will set up a planet for you to live on. We will try to get your homes back.
Aliens from outer space: Nervidoo

okie dokie artichockie

What the ₳ is this ♦? I'm gonna ₩ your ⅝ up the ¶ if you don't ¼ing tell me!