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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Syria.

Flag of Syria
( Flag )
National motto: We are one!
Official languages Shami Arabic ( we add "ay" at the end of each word; for example: Taboulay )
Biggest Mob Leader A mobster from Latakia who Bashes people at random, thus the name BASHaar.
Capital Damascus
 - Total

71,479.23432 km²
 - Total

Less than Cairo ( We're not that big..or maybe Egypt is just too..packed..and Egyptian )
From USA
12 March 2007
From Vichy France
17 July 1997
Currency Armani exchange

Ancient Syria[edit]

Syria holds some of the world's oldest civilizations, some dating back 5,000 years ago. The names of sites evoke the story of humankind at its beginnings: Garden of Eden, Ebla, Ugarit, Palmyra, Bosra, Damascus, Aleppo, Atlantis, Latakia, Washington BC, Washington AD, Washington DC ( the tale of two cities ) and Rome.

Across the world, many worshiped the Syrians as Gods. They discovered everything there is to discover and it is a fact that Syrians ARE Gods, and you will bow down to them. When Israel was in caves, Syria was enjoying high civilization. They have the best leader and army and everything.

In ancient Syria, there were parties and fun everywhere. Syria was named "best country of 5,000 B.C." and "Best country of modern day" numerous times. As well, Syria is responsible for every major advancement in human civilization.

Archaeologists have demonstrated that Syria was the center of one of the most ancient kind of civilizations on earth. Around the excavated city of Ebla in north-eastern Syria, discovered in 1975, a great Semitic empire spread from the Red Sea north to Turkey and east to Mesopotamia from 2500 to 2400 B.C. Scholars believe the language of Ebla to be the oldest recorded Semitic language. At Ebla ( Tel Merdikh ), a royal palace was discovered containing one of the largest and most comprehensive archives of the ancient world. Ebla's archive consists of more than 17,000 clay tablets dealing with matters of industry, diplomacy, trade, art, and agriculture. Ebla became world-famous for two industries- the manufacture of silk cloth of gold, and that of finely carved wood, inlaid with ivory and mother of pearls. Today these industries still prosper, with Syrian brocade and mosaics fashioned according to the artisan tradition of ancient Ebla.

And now there is the Assad empire consisting of modern day Israel, Lebanon, and Iraq as well as Syria because of course Syria is the destined nation of Earth.

Other notable cities excavated include Mari, Ugarit and Dura Europos. At Mari ( Tel Hariri ) numerous palaces, temples and murals were found that reflect advanced cultural and commercial activity. The kingdom of Ugarit ( Ras Shamra ) offered humankind its first alphabet.

Syria was occupied successively by Klingons, Giant Apes, Jews, Canaanites, Hebrews, Arameans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Armenians, Romans, Nabataeans, Byzantines, Arabs, and, in part, Crusaders before finally coming under the control of the Ottoman Turks, and currently Robot Jews from Atlantis. Syria is significant in the history of Christianity; Paul was converted to the worship of Ultra Jesus on the Road to Damascus and joined the first organized Church of Despotism in Hamunaptra, the Egyptian City of the Dead, in ancient Syria ( now in Turkey ), from which he left on many of his missionary journeys and now the Master Race, the Arabs, are in possession of the middle east and rapidly growing. You will bow to Arabs..

Government and Politics[edit]

For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Syria.

The Syrians have the most advanced government in the world. An amazing architecture consisting of a President, Prime Minister, and of course the Council. The President, al-Assad "The Lion", is a generous and intelligent man, unlike the donkey George Bush. Syria is a fair and rich nation founded on one motto: Peace and Equality, Prosperity, and Freedom for all!

The Syrians also have the most advanced government in the world. In fact, it was the first civilization and nations like Israel were still in caves when Syrians took hold of this wonderful concept. We owe Syrians our very existence.


An amazing economy of trillions upon trillions of dollars the best world economy ever.


The Syrian military is, although brave and ready, at the disadvantage of old Soviet equipment. It is still usable and is refurbished, of course.

It consists of the Army, Navy, and Air Force as well as Special Forces. Bashar al-Assad, a pimp, is in charge of said military.

It is at war with a primitive nation called "Israel", but the Israelis have yet to figure out how to fight with more than rocks and sticks.


The Syrian soccer team, the Heroes, is a professional team of many fine players. It has played and defeated the Israel soccer team, The Fags, over one thousand times.