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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about TLC.

TLC is a popular 1990s female music group with members Tender-Boz, Loving Eye, and Chili. In 1991, they were discoverd in Atlanta by Fred Flintstone's daughter, Pebbles. They are best known for helping to popularize the phrase "tender loving care."

In 1999, they released "No Scrubs" which is a song about their hate of cleaning bathrooms.

Hit singles[edit]

  • "Ain't 2 3 4 5"
  • "Baby-Toddler-Child"
  • "What About Your Food"
  • "Creep"
  • "Red Light (Come On, Green!)"
  • "Niagara Falls"
  • "Diggin' a Hole"
  • "No Scrubs"
  • "Unpetty"