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TV for cats


In Soviet Russia, television watches you!!

~ Russian reversal on Television

I'm watching this Indian movie, man, but it's really boring.

~ Cheech and Chong on watching a test pattern while stoned

Television is the end product of a signal produced by a stream of electrons impacting on the phosphors of a cathode ray tube. This relatively simple device also happens to be the worst thing to have ever happened to the human race's intelligence. Well, until the Internet that is.

Television and Brain Washing[edit]

It is well known that television is a device used for social engineering. While it is said that a capitalist can sell you the noose to hang himself with, it is through Television that a need is created to sell you the privelage of hanging the salesman by a noose. Discipline can even be extracted from people by actually refusing to sell them said noose. This creates a sense of snob appeal for hanging the salesman which increases demand, establishes product loyalty, and increases customer satisfaction.