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Tea is the national drink of far too many places, including Saturn. While there are many types of tea, all of them suck (and blow) with the exception of 'your tea', the tea you make in your own home, nobody can hope to better or be compared with it. All teas contain the same vital ingredient -- dihydrogen monoxide, a known toxin and incredibly bad joke made by people of scientific bent. Tea is a major component in antimatter physics, and tastes nice with a chocolate suggestive biscuit as well. All Brits are born with a natural reflex that allows them to make a cup of tea without ever seeing one being made or being told how to. That is also the reason they say "It is not my cup of tea" if they dislike something. Even the PG Tips albino porch monkeys know how.

No matter the technicalities, when it comes down to it we crave some dried leaves, hot water and bovine lactation.