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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Technology.

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Devised as a way to aid those incapable of performing simple magical tasks (muggles), technology consists of clever devices which make a noise, or flash a light, or kill a small animal o a large one if you like. It is something that is impossible to understand and if it breaks, you have to get a new one. These devices are were also used to replace humans. So as to reduce the number of working humanoids. STDs (Super Technology Dipshits) such as Steve Jobless and William Turner Gates believe it the ultimate way of reducing the number of people in their pursuit of happYness so as to create misery in the World. They call it their lesson to humanity. They also believe that the world is overpopulated. Thus they encourage a high production and usage of technology in countries such as China and India. Many Chinese and Indians are replaced by robotic arms or Russian slaves. Since unemployed people are useless to China and India they are sent into a ditch to dig holes without food or water. Through these actions the STDs actually want to bring Technology to the forefront of the religious war by reducing the number of Confusists or Communists (same thing) and Hindus. They will not stop until all Chinese have been replaced by their robotic arms and all Indians stop worshiping their "holy cows".