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“In Soviet Russia, Who are YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on You on the Who
Baba O'Reilly

The Who is a classic rock/morris dancing band from England. Known for their stage act of playing guitars at maximum volume and then destroying them, all the while singing "Hey Nonny-No" and prancing around the stage like complete lunatics, The Who have had released over seven billion albums, each one of which went on to sell well over ten trillion copies worldwide. Polka Rock has never been the same since. They composed several youth anthems and the CSI soundtrack. Great friend of Weird Al Yankovic.

What many people don't know is that The Who were originally known as The Flossynossyinthehillifipillifications, but after constantly being referred to as "the Who?", soon adopted the name.

Band Members[edit]

Keith Watt[edit]

The drummer with the band, Watt was described as "the madman" for his outrageous and rebellious antics both on and off stage, including ( but not limited to )

  • Biting the head off a Teddy Gram
  • Urinating on the band and himself, licking it off until he could be sick over his kit, and then playing it, claiming the vomit added to the sound
  • Sucking lead singer Davy Daltray's toes mid-song
  • Making love to teddy bears
  • Driving into swimming pools
  • Ordering one of everything on a hotel room service menu except for badger soup, of which he would always order two
  • Destroying his drum kit, then using shards of the kit to attack random audience members
  • Missing flights so he could throw televisions into hotel swimming pools.

John Wye[edit]

The bass guitarist, known as "The Ox" or more frequently 'The One With The Bass Guitar, The Name Of Whom We Are Temporarily Unable To Recall'. His greatest accomplishments were..... Oh, we forget. His lack of name, and more to the point existence to begin with led to his sad passing in 2002, thus the police were unable to retrieve any crucial evidence, so the case was closed in 2005 on everything in the world. Period. He was that important.

Pete Townshendbacher[edit]

Born on December 25, 1 AD; thought to be Jesus's twin brother. Born with a Gibson in his arms, though they would not be invented for another 2 millenia. He has been in a heated relationship with Davy Daltry since the Battle for Middle Earth in 3984th age. Pete has written many love songs about Daltry's hair such as: Whos the dude with the hair that looks like creamed corn, i love yellow people, and the smash hit "sexy back". Lives today happily with Davy and popular singer/songwriter George Michael in a van down by the river.

Davy Daltray[edit]

The singer of the band, Davy Daltrey is commonly referred to as Angel, due to his knee-long, permed, blond hair. On February 12th, 1903, he discovered that he would rather be a woman.

A Brief History[edit]

The Who formed in 1957, although for some strange reason they released the album "Who The Fuck Is Karl Marx?" 620 years before they formed. The original members of the band were Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and John Entwistle. Pete Townshend was the songwriter for the band, and often found inspiration for his songs from unusual places. The song "I'm A Boy" was an extraordinarily accurate description of the way Roger Daltrey was treated by his mother from ages 0 - 40. Townshend also wrote "Magic Bus" the day after he was run over and killed by a bus. "Happy Jack" was about murderer Jack The Ripper, whose victims included Elvis Presley, Julius Caesar and Pete Townshend. The band was famous for smashing their instruments to bits, and by doing so helped add to the sport of Breaking Shit.

The Who split temporarily in 1979. The first event that led up to this split was Keith Watt's death on September 1978, from an overdose of heroin, cocain, alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, painkillers, kittens, speed, pork and Keith Richards. He was immediately replaced by Keith Moon. On December 1979 at a Cincinatti concert, Keith Moon cannibalised eleven thousand audience members, before finally exploding. He was immediately replaced by Keith Watt ( which is particulary amazing [or repulsive], Watt having died in September 1978 ).

The band is still around today, but I can't be bothered talking about their recent releases, because they suck.

Band Practice Locations[edit]

The band's preferred practice spot was located in a stretch of boggy marshland in the countryside known locally as Pete Townsend and located just South of Northern England. The spot was desirable not only for its acoustic muffling effects but also for the presence of a stench which ensured the band would be left to practice experimental morris dancing moves without the noise that ridicule might normally provide.

Selected Discography[edit]

  • Whoo-Ahh ( 1955 )
  • Who Am I??? ( 1960 )
  • Who is that girl I met at the club last night? I hope she reads this: I lost your number so try and contact me ok? I thought this would be the most appropriate way to tell you ( 1960 )
  • Who Is This Guy? ( 1960 )
  • Who built The Wall? ( 1962 )
  • Who Was That? Oh, Just My Imagination. ( 1964 )
  • Who are you??( 1965 )
  • Who-La-Whoop ( 1965 )
  • Who Is That Band? The Who. The band! The Who. ( 1968 )
  • Who Are You ( 1968 )
  • Who The Hell Are You, A Sequel? ( 1969 )
  • Who am I, Doctor ( 1971 )
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ( 1972 )
  • Who did Roger Rabbit Frame? ( 1972 )
  • Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? ( 1971 )
  • Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? ( 1974 )
  • Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Virginia Wolf? ( 1974 )
  • Who Used Up The Last Of The Bog-Roll And Didn't Bother To Replace It? ( 1975 )
  • Who's On First? ( 1976 )
  • Who Put That There? ( 1980 )
  • Who Want's To Be A Midget?( 1982 )
  • Who took a Dook in the urinal? ( 1983 )
  • Who Cares? ( 1983 )
  • Who's Foot Is This? ( 1956 ) ( made during their experiments with time travel )
  • Who's Line is it Anyway? ( 1998 )
  • Who Let the Dogs Out? ( 1999 )
  • Who Put These Hoes in my Room? ( 2003 )
  • Who Comes Up With All These Album Names?* ( 1990 )
  • The Who Sell Out ( 1995 )
  • Who-Who-Humppa ( 2003 )
  • Whobastank and Whootie and the Blowfish covers ( 2006 ) ( sold exactly 0 copies )
  • Who Cares About the Government? ( remix album ( sold around 999'999'999'999'999'999 copies due to the fact that no-one actually does ) )
  • Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How? ( remix album )
  • Who Told You To Do That Like This? ( covers album )
  • ¿Quien es? ( 2384 ) ( Spanish remix one copy purchased by Davey Daltrey )
  • Who Did What For How Many Cookies? ( 2005 )
  • Who Came Up With Uncyclopedia? ( 2007 )
  • Who Did What? Wait I'm Confused Here ( 2007 )
  • Who!? If anymore people edit this forum, it will become the forum with the most amount of Who's yes, who, the word who is an interesting one, it causes one to wonder, yes! who?! or who did that? who who who? Who.
  • What? ( they came out of retirement to make this final album )
  • Why? (the follow up to 'What?') ( 2007 )
  • Who Da Man?( 2010 )
  • The Who Sell Out Again! ( and then get down wit da kidz )

The above album features John Wye in a backwards baseball cap driving a lowrider

  • Who Let the Dogs Out? ( It was only released in Texas. See USA for more. )