Truth or Consequences

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The Community Center (left) and Tourist Bureau (right) of Truth Or Consequences, N.M.

Truth or Consequences may mean any of the following:

namely, the correct answer to a dopey trivia question--or else suffer the consequences, performing an embarrassing skit usually involving either custard, beetles, or nudity. Many contestants deliberately dogged the truth phase in order to get to participate in the skit.
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  • A game played by young people who are neither sufficiently telegenic nor sober to ever be put on television.
    In this version of the game, contestants are challenged to either reveal an embarrassing fact about themselves, or their spouse or lover, to all the partygoers (truth), or to perform an even more embarrassing feat (consequences), again in front of everyone. As there usually is neither custard nor beetles at the party, this invariably winds up involving nudity. Losers must chug a beer or mixed drink. As in the broadcast version, contestants often misplay the earlier rounds to get to this stage.
  • A decrepit little town, pop. 7,289 (2000) in the Rio Grande valley of the U.S. state of New Mexico. It claims to be named after the radio program, but was in fact named after the drunken parlor game.