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When wealthy adventuress Emma Webster was fifteen years old, her mother, a professional bird trainer at the Azuza Zoo, got her her own beautiful bird ( winner of the 1942 bird beauty contest ) named Tamara ( or Tammy for short or T for even shorter ) Webster loved that bird. A neighbor bird named Orson soon took interest in her. Though Orson realized that she was out of his league, the two became good friends and eventually a romance blossomed. Nine months later, an egg was hatched. The bird couple named their son Tweety.

Some time later, at age twenty-five, Webster married world-renowned archaeologist Indiana Jesse. This marriage did not last forever, though, as Jesse was constantly traveling the world in search of lost treasures. The couple divorced after twenty-five years of marriage. It was soon after Jesse left, however, that Webster realized just how boring her life was. She had an idea to train the birds in survival skills for time and then adopt a family of cats, the natural enemies of all birds.

Webster lived on vicariously through her "children" as she saw them ( Sylvester and Tweety saw and addressed her as "Granny" ) in the struggle for survival between the cats and birds. As best she could, however, she never allowed anyone to be seriously injured. Whenever this was the case, she would run to her aid.

Though Tweety resembles his father in many ways, he is a pacifist at heart, who prefers to simply let his sworn enemy Sylvester make his own mistakes. Fortunately for him, this was always the case.

Sylvester and Tweety continued to fight in epic battles until on September 20 1998, Tweety was finally killed by the 'putty tat.'

Once had a famous song which went I thought I saw a pussycat shagging bugs bunny!