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King U was a popular king of the Alphebetian Empire from 1898 to 2005.

He was named after Alexander the U, king of Macedonia and was the founder of the U-Haul empire.


U is the international symbol denoting "me". For this reason its use has declined due to confusion. It is also the only ghost letter, following on from its status as the only living letter. It can frequently be heard in haunted dictionaries, making its sound heard over and over again to the disquiet of gathered observers. Partialy for this reason, the letter U is banned in France.

Global U Shortage[edit]

Scientists have determined that Earth's supply of the letter U is dwindling, and may soon run out. In response, American-speaking people have modified their language to reduce their U consumption. English-speaking people, being completely opposed to the evolution of language in any way, have so far refused to perform similar modifications to theirs.

bob> U got weed?
jay> Yo, i got plenty 
bob> yea, i wanna buy some 2 
jay> well.... i gotta go so i can check my plant "wink wink" 
bob> come on man i want weed now!if u dont gimme some im gunna kik yo ass bitch 
jay> ok, ok ill get u some man. 
bob> ok ill pay u later

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