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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about United Nations.

The United Nations or 'UN' was set up after WW2 and Hitler in an effort to stop anyone else trying to take over the world. The goals of the UN include: Trying to take over the world, corruption, prostitution, pedophilla, taxing the air, pedophobia, people trafficking, dikephobia, war, famine, genocide, and failing to actually fix anything when they had the chance.

Former present UN Secretary Kofi Annan (the dude that looked like Morgan Freeman) firmly denied charges that the organization was corrupt and pointless, often pointing out that the UN Coat of Arms is identical to that of the Soviet Union (see right), and that David Rockefeller personally paid for the UN head quarters building using his own money, and that he arranging the builders to build the building. As such everything will be just fine.

Uncyclopedia is the primary communications and media platform used by the UN for information dissemination.