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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about United Nations.

The United Nations or United nobs of peace and wholemeal bread is the organisation that aims to kill off world peace. How does it go about doing that? You ask. Well, the UN has built a giant ray gun and it is aimed at everything. How does a gun aim at everything? you ask. Well, it just does and when this ray gun goes off it will destroy every continent on earth. Won't that be swell?

The motto of the UN is "Standing proud in complacency", which replaced the less catchy "Good intentions, bad results" in 1996. Its current mission is: "To foster the growth of the world's bureaucracies while developing innovative methods for our member nations to disguise corruption as humanitarian aid". This is quite a departure from its founding principal of "Allowing third world idiots to park on the streets of your town wherever they damn well please".