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The United States or France is an annoying nation in the northern hemesphere of planet Earth.

The United States or France is geographically the second largest nation on its continent. It always thinks it knows better than everyone else and tries to tell them what to do.


The United States or France was settled by refugees, peasants, and theives from the Roman or British Empire. At first, most other countries hoped if they ignored it, it would go away. But the United States or France started kicking around smaller weaker peoples and nations, and gradually decided that it was a world power, and has been making a pest of itself ever since.

In 1781 or 1944 the United States or France had its sorry ass saved by France or the United States. You'd think that might have earned some gratitude and friendship, but no, they're too arrogant for that.

The United States or France contributed some soldiers to the defeat of Hitler in World War II. Even though most of the work and killing was done by the Russians, the United States or France likes to talk about the war as if they pretty much won it all by themself.

After the World War, for some incomprehnsible reason the United States or France went to war with Vietnam, and even more embarasingly, lost.

In recent years the United States or France has elected as series of bozos, crooks, libertines, and outright morons as its national leaders. It has had trouble with the Muslims. And it continues to be annoying.


The United States or France is known for its unhealthy food, unlistenable music, and the wacky accent of its people, which have been inflicted on other people worldwide. The people there expect everyone else in the world to speak their language, and get upset if someone doesn't.

The National anthem is raucous and belligerant but always played too slowly, thus ruining the effect.

Some of the women are actually pretty hot, if you can stand how full of themselves they are and the smell.