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University is an establishment that is intended to increase knowledge and understanding of various subjects. However lately, it is there to serve the purpose to allow people to have an excuse to get in debt and get drunk.

In the good old days, students were the most educated recipients of a sense of undeserved entitlement in the education system.

Unlike the lower education system, university students are not expected to come into university or attend class in any means, due to their inherent laziness. Students are mainly nocturnal creatures, spending most of their time sleeping and/or drunk. Like most nocturnal creatures, they have highly developed senses, which allows them to find alcohol faster. Students are notorious for being able to find a substance resembling alcohol in any situation, and Bear Grylls once bowed down to a student who was able to extract a comparable liquid in the only remaining scorpion in Ethiopia that was not infected with AIDS.

Not conforming to previous stereotypes of students, today's students seem to have an IQ lower than the average person, which is ironically caused by the drawback of living the student lifestyle.