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“In Soviet Russia, urine pees YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Urine

Urine is a naturally-occurring form of ink used to write short phrases in snow or bathroom walls. It is also very nutritious if had in large quantities.

Urine has some source of nutrition. Commonly used among hikers, George W. Bush, and Batman it is easily accessed from one self. Male mammals have the ability to aim this refreshing drink directly into their mouth.

The phrase "Urine turn Pee Pee" is listed in the Suave Second Graders Guide to Humor.

Most urine could be found diluted in sewage, sea-water, or in that glass of water in your hand.

Some individuals in the video editing and production business, particularly Kiss fans, enjoy a refreshing splash of urine in their face from time to time.

Urine is also the main ingredient in the famous Lemon-Flavoured Snow-Cone made by the Abominable Snowman.

How to pee[edit]

Drink many cups of tea. 837 should do the trick. Just let it loose. The best place to urinate is on the wall, but most lawyers ( If they are corrupt enough ) , except for a few hardcore puritists ( See: Ralph Nader ) just do it whenever they want. Straighten up your genitals and relax. It should come out in a clear or yellow stream. Now that you have learned how to pee, you should learn how to poop...the naturally follower of pee. Ages 7 and under, just whack it.

It is a popular part of porn to see naked women urinating. Perfectly child and work-safe. Just look at 'em go!


In 2002, studies were conducted in order to find out what the use of urine is. Studies show that in the 1980’s, urine was used a lubricant for the rectum to help people with troubles getting fecal matter to exit the anus. How this worked was the genitals were naturally pointed at the anus, and would spray the anus with a light coating of urine after each “Log was dropped” ( Sometimes, this was just not a figurative speech. ).

This allowed each piece to fall out easily. Notice that when you have a bowel movement, you will urinate in sprays. This is your body trying to lubricate your anus during your BM. Seeing as how genitals no longer naturally point at the anus, the urination during a BM is useless. Some people will point their genitals at their anus with their hand, allowing their urine to successfully lubricate their rectum. This is usually done by your mother or a pedophile.

How to drink pee[edit]

Now that you'd learn how to pee, learn how to DRINK PEE. It is easy. Ask someone to stand in front of you and you lie down. Open your mouth and let him fire! It is hard at first, but it is quite easy after a few practices. Also, pee should taste like salty butter or really, really good blue cheese.

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