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Colonel "Raven" Swordman
-- The personification of arrogance and evil
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¬°Infierno de un diablo!

Colonel "Raven" Swordman (usu. Colonel Swordman) is an alias this user employs when posting in forums and writing articles online. While his real name is not to be revealed, he is known to be a research student working for a South Australia-based University. Ocassionally, he edits articles for


Here are some lists of things contributed by Col.swordman:

Full-length articles
Title Original/rewritten Details
(nil) (nil) (nil)

(nil) (nil) (nil)

Marks of Destruction[edit]

Site-wide logos/icons[edit]

Picture Descriptions Picture Descriptions
The original logo
The original logo

Schemes of Shadow[edit]

Colonel Swordman's to-do list:

Title Descriptions
  • "Check this wiki out"
As titled

Send A Death Threat[edit]

E-mail: [email protected]


  • Do not sent any email to Colonel Swordman as regards friend-making, dating, etc.
  • Do not sent any email to Colonel Swordman as regards commercial offers, bargains and the like.
  • Do not sent anthing that has been circulating on the internet to Colonel Swordman.