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See what people are saying about public companies on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and then either buy or sell stocks based on this stock market intelligence. We scour the Internet to find as much information as possible about each stock, and then use neural networks and other cutting-edge AI technologies to analyze the data and show you a summary of the results. Unlike many websites that offer stock data, stock reports, or stock advice, is totally free and no registration is required. We do not try to sell you anything, we only make money from the ads on the site. rankings measure the activity each company has on various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. We use a proprietary formula to calculate a score which takes into account social media metrics such as how many followers or subscribers they have, the level of social chatter about the company, how popular their website or blog is, and other related measurements of web popularity and social clout. is an Impulse Communications., Inc. website. The owner of the company spent several years working on Wall Street, has over 30 years of investing experience (stocks, bonds, options, precious metals, mutual funds, real estate, collectables, etc.), and is on a never-ending quest to make millions by beating the market. To learn more about stock data, stock reports be sure to visit