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Flag of Uzbekistan. Ratio 3:2. Notice the U for Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan ( Uzbek:Uzbekistan, English: Jews-Pakistan, Arabic: Doesn't matter, Kazakh: Assholes ) ( not to be confused with Jewsbekistan ) is a Country|country in Central Asia located just north of Mordor and to the east of Coruscant. According to Kazakhstani leader Borat, all citizens of Uzbekistan have bone in their brain. There is no record of anyone ever living in Uzbekistan, yet it is quite possibly the most polluted place on Earth. It is a country of Mongoosees who are often referred to as "people. The Uzebekistani "people worship paper napkins and it is illegal to say anything involving widgets or else the espos will take you away to happy-land. Never, ever, ever let them take you to happy-land.

The government in Uzebekistan is led each week by a sort of executive officer who makes decisions that get run by a council of elder cheeses. As cheese can't talk to either veto or pass the legislation, nothing is ever done in the Uzbekistani government. Nevertheless the country has been plagued by military coup d'etats. Uzbekistan is also a member of the orginization, Countries That Have A Name That Ends With Stan ( CTHANTEWS ) with other illustrious members including: Afganistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan Gamla Stan, and the United Spades of Amerika.

Uzbekistan was founded in 3.1415926th century BC by Jesus after a night of heavy drinking. Its main exports are picklium, imitation imitation rolexes, pirate gold, chemically contaminated cotton and exotic diseases.

Uzbek Politics[edit]

Uzbekistan's political climate is widely seen as the guiding light of the rest of the world, and anyone who says otherwise will be tortured. The country's constitution states that homosexuals, Muslims, women, children, and other minority groups all have an equal right to be tortured. The judicial system operates a "harsh-but-fair" policy, provided you consider torture "fair". Uzbek politicans enjoy free speech, provided they don't disagree with the president, in which case they are tortured. Uzbekistan is one of the main upholders of human rights in the world, and if you should adopt an opposing you viewpoint, you might have a claim to torture. Uzbekistan enjoys good diplomatic relations with the USA, but it is widely believed that the US can never live up to the high standards of liberty, freedom and justice enjoyed by all Uzbeks, or else.

The name Uzbekistan stems from a minor misunderstanding. In 766 B.C. Hooklanargraffybolpine asked for dictatorial power over the country of Nut Bust. ( now known as Uzbekistan ) The government panel said "You bet you can."

The media thought they said Uzbekistan so thats what they told everyone. Hooklanargraffybolpine gained dictatorial powers. Liking the sound of the word Uzbekistan he changed the countries name to it, after which he was toppled, maimed and tortured by the even more bloody thirsty tyrants 'limp-a-long' and his pretend mongol grandad 'greasy hair'.

In 1990 Uzbekistan was bombed by Kazaki Catapults.

A recent survey carried out by the government of Daily Mail has shown that there is currently one homosexual in Uzbekistan, and that he is very lonely.


Uzbekistan has inferior potassium to Kazakhstan. It also cannot compete with Kazakhstan's Tenshin Swimming Pool ( which has length: 30 metre width: 6 metre ).

Come to Uzbekistan and enjoy the beautiful landscape filled with goats, sheep, industry and man with beard.


Poopooland, often referred as "Jason," is a continent located off Uzbekistan's southern coast of Asia. Including Jose Reyes, Mickey Mouse ( a blood-sucking vampire that was unfortunately accused of raping young children ), and Jafar from Aladdin as the sector's leaders, they are led by an overlord named Bill, just Bill. That's literally his name, "Bill, Just Bill." Not Jason, not Mickey Mouse, Bill, just Bill.

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